Product Use Statement

Your Safety is important to Us

A well cared for lawn is an extension of the family home to use and enjoy for personal activities. Encouraging healthy growth and minimizing the effects of damaging insects and weed infestations requires the judicious use of fertilizers and Health Canada registered products applied by trained, licensed specialists.

Each year we evaluate the choice of products we use based on the most recent guidelines set out by Health Canada and Provincial regulations. Eco Green uses registered products applied by trained, licensed, and insured specialists in our continuing effort to reduce risk to our employees, customers, their children and pets, and the environment. We consider the following:

Registration. Each product that we use on lawns must be registered with Health Canada for use on lawns and approved for use by Manitoba Environment.

Allergies. We do not use products that are known skin sensitizers or commonly produce allergic reactions.

Carcinogens. We do not use products containing known or probable human carcinogens as defined by Health Canada.

Groundwater. We do not use Phosphates or other products known or thought likely to leach to groundwater when applied to lawns.

The products we use contain the same ingredients found in lawn care products that millions of homeowners buy annually at your local lawn and garden outlets. We ensure these products are applied safely according to federal, provincial and local regulations. Additional health and safety information can be found at the Pest Management Review Agency (PMRA), a department of Health Canada.