Pets, Kids, & Our Treatments

Keeping our employees, customers, their children and pets, and the environment safe is one of the most important issues we consider when selecting and using products on your lawn.

Eco Green advises customers to keep pets off the sprayed areas until dry as a prudent practice not only to reduce exposure to their pets, but also to reduce the tracking of dislodgeable residues into the home. However, if your pets happen to get on the treated area before the grass had dried, the risk of harm is negligible. What’s more, after the treated area has dried, the amount of residue that will transfer is greatly reduced.

Several studies on dislodgeable residues, in other words, the amount of product that can be transferred to skin by walking on or rubbing the treated grass, have been conducted by the University of Guelph and others. These studies have shown that very small amounts of the material applied is dislodgeable after the application has dried, and generally less than 1% is dislodgeable the following day. These low levels present no risk to your or your pets.

The lawn markers are not warning signs. Eco Green started posting lawn signs over 20 years ago strictly as an information tool designed to make customers and their neighbours aware that a lawn had been treated. Since 2009 the city of Winnipeg has been requiring that all lawn care companies post signs similar to the Eco Green signs. We do this because we believe it is prudent to avoid any unnecessary exposure to any chemical substance, regardless of how harmless it is, and to advise our customers to keep family and pets off treated areas until the application has dried.